What to Expect in the BTS B*Verse Exhibition in Metro Manila?

bts exhibition in metro manila - BTS B*Verse Exhibition in Metro Manila

Opening today is the first and official BTS exhibition in Metro Manila. Organized by The Fact Music Awards and YiZ Entertainment together with Araneta City, the B★VERSE “BTS, Singing the Stars” Exhibition is surely something the Filipino ARMYs shouldn’t miss. Below are the details of what to expect from the exhibit and how to book a ticket.

Opening its doors to the public on Friday, May 17 til August 15, 2024, the B★VERSE BTS, Singing the Stars exhibition promises an enchanting journey through the evolution of the group as a global sensation and as individual stars.

First of all, there will be a truly immersive encounter. In the Virtual Reality (VR) Room, the fans can enjoy BTS’ 2021-2022 TMA Stage, featuring performances of “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” “Yet to Come,” and “For Youth” with a touching message at the end that will surely make any ARMY tear up. Just look at influencer Sammie de Leon’s post in the VR room.

After that, there are more sections to the exhibit but the most notable is the individual rooms of the members where you can take photos. Because photography is prohibited in many sections. Reminds me of the BTS PROOF Exhibit back in 2022.

Here’s what to expect from each room, according to the teasers:

  • RM’s Nature Planet is a space with an indoor garden concept that expresses the leader’s passion for nature and art
  • Jin’s Satellite is a dreamy space that expresses the moon and its orbit. It drew inspiration from one of Jin’s messages – “ARMY and we are looking at each other, and ARMY is everything to me.”
  • Suga’s Art Planet is a colorful neon-toned space that resembles the remarkable and multi-talented rapper-producer.
  • J-Hope’s Hope Planet is an industrial tone and manner space with the motif of J-Hope’s free-spirited nature.
  • Jimin’s Aqua Planet is a dreamy space that embodies the vocalist’s crystal clear and pure image as water.
  • V’s Film Planet is a space with an analog mood created with V’s sensibility and his favorite film photos as the motif.
  • Jung Kook’s Prism Planet is a space that represents Jungkook’s diverse musical talents as a multicolored rainbow prism.
bts exhibition in metro manila - BTS B*Verse Exhibition merch in Metro Manila

Of course, this exhibit will not be complete without official BTS merch. Official Merchandise are priced as follows:

  • B★VERSE Special Clear File Set – Php 1320
  • B★VERSE Special Postcard Set – Php 500
  • B★VERSE Tshirt (Black or white) – Php 1400
  • B★VERSE Brochure – Php 1300
  • B★VERSE Tote Bag – Php950
  • B★VERSE 2024 Calendar – Php 1200

Where to buy tickets for the B★VERSE “BTS, Singing the Stars” Exhibit?

Tickets are available on Ticketnet Online. There are two types of passes, the first is the Regular Pass which costs Php1500 but you have to choose a time and date, here’s the schedule. If you prefer a more flexible schedule, you can opt for the Flexi Pass, priced at PHP1600, so that you and your fellow ARMYs can visit at any time on a booked date.

Each ticket purchase also comes with exclusive merchandise, including zipped-lock pouches, battery-operated ARMY star badges, and one randomly picked photo card. 

For more updates and news follow B★VERSE social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Tiktok, and YouTube.

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