What are Season’s Greetings in Kpop?

Time flies so fast, it’s the Holiday season again. While everyone else are listing down their Christmas wish lists, Kpop fans especially merch collectors, have one more thing on that list: It’s the Season’s Greetings of their favorite K-pop artist! So what exactly are season’s greetings in Kpop?

what are season's greetings in kpop

Season’s Greetings in Kpop is a collection of merchandise such as a desk or wall calendar (or both), planner, photobook, photo cards, stickers, posters, memo pad, and more featuring a Kpop artist in all of those merch.

It’s called Season’s Greetings not because they are holiday themed merch, it’s because the main component are the calendar and planner. It is about wrapping up the year and getting fans excited for what’s to come in the new year. Calendars and planners are even marked with the artists’ birthdays, their anniversary since debuting, and also the fandom’s birthday.

To add more excitement, Kpop artists comes up with a new fun concept each year. There was a diner donut theme by Mamammoo this 2023, The 80s theme in 2021 and villan theme in 2022 by BTS, the 90s retro theme by NewJeans, and the romantic that was giving male lead vibe by Seventeen both released for 2023 as well.

When do Seasons Greetings pre-orders typically drop?

The pre-order period varies based on the artist and their agency. SM Entertainment artists usually the first ones, they open pre-orders around late October to November. JYP artists are November to early December. While HYBE open Season’s Greetings pre-orders first on their most recent artists like NewJeans and Le Sserafim around October, while ENHYPEN and Seventeen on November.

How much does it cost?

Kpop Season’s Greetings cost between $30-60, depends on where you’re going to purchase it. And that doesn’t include the shipping fee for international fans or the markup of the resellers hosting group orders.

Where to buy Kpop Season’s Greetings?

Each entertainment agencies have their own official stores and there are also official retailers. And then there are also resellers that opens group orders for those who live outside of South Korea. (The latter are usually in Twitter or Instagram.)

Official Stores:

Official retailers with international shipping:


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