How to Register in Weverse Presale for Higher Chances of Scoring Concert Tickets?

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Kpop artists under HYBE or part of the Weverse app often offer early access to concert ticket selling for the fan club members. The membership has helped me score tickets to BTS and Seventeen concerts. You can also use it to join fan meetings and receive fan benefits like exclusive photocards at concerts. Below is my guide on securing tickets through Weverse fan club presales for kpop concerts in the Philippines or abroad.

But first, what is Weverse?

Weverse is a mobile app and web platform where you can join the community of your favorite artists for free. You and the artists can post in this community just like on Facebook, and artists sometimes reply. But it has a paid version where you can see exclusive posts by the artists, buy limited edition merch, early access to concert tickets, and other exclusive member stuff.

However, access to fan club presales doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your desired ticket. But you’ll be competing with fewer people so your chances of scoring concert tickets are higher especially if it is a very in-demand kpop artist. While for fan meetings, only those with membership can purchase a ticket.

This guide is long so make sure to read it all. A video guide will be posted later.

How do I get my Weverse presale code?

1. Sign up to Weverse and create an account in the ticketing outlet.

Start by signing up in Weverse by downloading their app in iOs and Google Play. As for the ticketing outlet, in the Philippines, it is often SM Tickets that usually offers Weverse fan club presales for local Kpop concerts. In South Korea, it is often Interpark, and in Singapore, it is often Ticketmaster.

Take note for Filipinos, if the concert is organized by Live Nation Philippines, you need to create an account on the LNPH website too because you’ll get the presale link on their website.

Ticketing outlets are always announced in advance through Weverse and organizers of the concerts’ social media accounts, so make sure to follow them for updates.

2. Purchase Weverse Membership

You have to download another app, this time it’s Weverse Shop (available in iOS and Google Play). You can use the same account you used to sign up in the other Weverse app.

On the Weverse shop, select your preferred language. On the main menu, select the artist and then pick “GLOBAL” shop. Look for “Membership” and choose which type of membership you want. Some artists have two types of memberships but the only difference is the other one has free quarterly merch gifts, both can be used to register in Fanclub presales.

Upon checkout, fill out the necessary details and choose your payment method. Weverse accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Gcash (through Eximbay), GrabPay and ShopeePay. The default currency of Weverse Shop Global is USD, but I recommend changing it to Japanese Yen because conversion is a little cheaper than USD and Korean Won.


The concept of a ‘middle name’ is not followed in South Korea. So for non-Korean citizens, you must put your Middle Name as part of your First Name. If you’re going to attend a concert or fan meeting in South Korea, the name in your passport must match the name in your Weverse membership or you will not be able to claim your ticket. Unfortunately, you cannot edit your name once you completed your fan club registration.

3. Where to get your Weverse presale code?

Your Weverse presale code is your membership number. It is usually 11 characters with the first two characters being letters and the rest numbers (XX000000000). Make sure to save this in the notes app where you can easily copy and paste this during presale. Being quick in filling out necessary details helps a lot during ticketing sales.

Below are the samples of the digital membership card. You can get a physical card too when you purchase the membership kit. But you can also present these digital IDs at other events and claim fan benefits at concerts like exclusive photocards.

4. Register your membership for presale

You’re not done yet! You need to register for the fan club presale too which many people often miss and end up not getting early access. And registration has a schedule so make sure to read the announcements.

To check the schedule, open the Weverse app (not the shop), click the artist, and then the three dots on the upper right side. Select “Notices” and there you will see all the announcements regarding the artist including their concerts and the schedule of the presale registration.

To register for the fan club presale to activate your membership as a presale code, open the Weverse app, and select the artist community then the three dots on the upper right side. Click “Notices” and find the announcement of the presale registration. In there, you will find the link where you can register.

Successful submission should look like this:

weverse presale guide philippines

Successful registration should look like this below. To see this, open your Weverse app and visit the artist community. On the upper right side, click the three dots and then click “My Event”.

That’s it! You are registered and can use your membership number as the Weverse/fan club presale code for concert tickets.

On using the membership presale code, concert organizers post guidelines at least one week or more before the preselling date. But usually, you have to type your membership code upon checkout. Preselling dates are usually 1-2 days before the general sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many tickets can a Weverse membership buy?

A: In my experience, it is always 2 tickets per membership.

Q: How many memberships can I purchase?

A: Only one membership per Weverse account per fan club can be purchased. Once you already registered your email and phone number, you cannot register it again for the same fan club.

Q: Can I lend my membership presale code to others?

A: Yes, you can. If you’re not going to the concert, it is possible to lend it to a friend. You just have to give them your membership number. But if you’re both going to use it, only one of you can use it. Only 2 tickets can be purchased with the code.

However, this doesn’t always work. For example, if it is a concert or fan meeting in Korea, there are times you cannot lend your membership to other people. For example, the BTS Yet To Come in Busan you cannot claim the ticket if the name doesn’t match the membership and ID. You cannot also claim fan benefits like exclusive photocards at concerts.


  • As mentioned above, a Weverse membership does not guarantee a ticket or the desired ticket you want. You have to be fast and get lucky to have a short queuing number.
  • Follow the concert organizer’s social media account to get updates and read FAQs. I highly recommend Twitter and Instagram because they often respond to questions there.

Hope this guide to Weverse presale helps you. May the odds be ever in your favor!