The 5 Best Bags For Kpop Concerts

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Part of outfit ideas research is finding the best bags for Kpop concerts too. It will carry your essential stuff, your tickets, and your lightstick or other stuff you will wave up high during the artist’s performance.

But first, why there are bag regulations?

This is for everyone’s safety. This is not exclusive to Kpop concerts, all concerts and even huge sporting events have bag regulations. Not sure about sporting events, but in concerts, as far as I know, this started after the incident at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert back in 2017.

So to prevent your bag from being confiscated or paying extra for locker rental at the venue, better to follow the bag regulations. While every venue has different regulations for bags that you’re allowed to bring inside, the general rule of thumb seems to be a clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag. Or anything that does not exceed 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches.

So what are the best bags for Kpop concerts?

best bags for concerts

1. CLEAR or PVC BAGS – You can never go wrong with clear bags. This is the most recommended bag by concert organizers. They’re see-through so they know what’s inside your bag already and security inspection will be fast.

It comes with crossbody and backpacks but my fave is the the clear bags of Love Yourself Manila, they come with free pads where you can put pins or badges of the artist you’ll be watching. The backpack above is a Borahae Backpack Bag with a Pin Display Pad which costs PHP999. They also have bag designs for other fandoms.

If you’re not into displaying your pins, you can opt for Havana Things bags. This Indonesian brand sells the cutest clear bags in Shopee. Above is the Twice concert bag that cost Php894. And they also sell designs for other fandoms. They also have crossbody bags too.

best bags for concerts - uniqlo round mini bag dumpling bag

2. UNIQLO ROUND MINI SHOULDER BAG – You may have already seen this around almost everywhere. I have even seen this around Korea, especially in Seoul and also in Busan Asiad Stadium where the BTS Yet To Come concert was held. There are reasons why this bag is loved by many people; 1) it’s lightweight; 2) It’s affordable, only PHP590 in Uniqlo; and 3) For a mini size it’s quite roomy. You can put a lot of stuff.

The downside of this bag is on K-pop concerts. Lightsticks can’t fit on it. But if you prefer this bag, I suggest using a lightstick strap and carrying your lightstick like a crossbody. That’s what my friend did.

best bags for concerts - beyond the vines dumpling bag

3. BEYOND THE VINES XS DUMPLING BAG  – Just like the bag above, this one is also a Tiktok-famous bag. This is the priciest bag on this list which costs SGD79 on BTV’s official website (they ship to the Philippines) or around PHP3000 in BTV branches in MOA and Rockwell. But if you have the budget, it’s worth buying. This is one of the few bags that I can confidently say will last for a long time. It is well-made!

It is lightweight, waterproof, and very roomy. Because of its dumpling design, it doesn’t look too bulky when you put much stuff in it. And yes, you can fit a lightstick in it too. But if Lightstick is not an issue, you can opt for the smaller and cuter Micro Dumpling Bag.


Check the Penshoppe Nylon Bucket Bag For Women which only cost Php699! It looks like the BTV bag and is also made of nylon fabric. It is available on Lazada and Shopee.

Bentoy Milkjoy Girls South Korea Handbags Underarm Bags Color Matching Crossbody Bags

4. BENTOY MILKJOY BAG – Discovered this bag from a CARAT moot who will use this bag in Seventeen’s Concert in Bulacan. It is cute, spacious, lightweight, and affordable. It only cost Php195!

heart concert bag

5. Heart-Shaped Ita bag Japanese Kawaii Fashion – If you want to display your pins or your kpop plushies, then the bags from Kawaii Boss are for you. They are all so cute and affordable. The heart-shaped bag above cost only Php388. they have many designs, just visit their Shopee store.

kpop lightstick strap

BONUS: LIGHTSTICK STRAP – To be honest, you’re going to be so busy watching the concert, staring at your bias, you don’t need to bring a lot of stuff because you’ll end up not using it anyway even makeup. You can just carry your light stick in a crossbody like pictured above and put your essentials in your pockets.

I highly recommend the light stick straps from Concert Buddy, the grip is really strong and the quality is good. I own their BTS and Seventeen straps. The BTS strap is the one I used in their Busan concert. Recently, they also launched Enhypen, Super Junior, and Blackpink straps which will all have upcoming concerts in the Philippines.

My tips on choosing concert bags:

  1. Stick to 12″ x 6″ x 12″ dimensions. Big bags are not allowed in concert venues. Security will ask you to leave it in a paid locker.
  2. Your bags should have a lock. Bags with no zippers can be disastrous when the artist screams “everybody jump!” Also, there are pickpockets.
  3. It must be lightweight. You’ll be carrying it for hours so make sure it’s light.

These are the 5 best bags for Kpop concerts that I recommend in different price ranges. 

**This post was originally published on our sister site, on December 28, 2022, but we’re keeping it updated.

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