What Exactly is BTS’s MNCR Logistics?

what is bts mncr logistics
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For the past 48 hours, ARMYs have been both excited and baffled with the latest BTS teaser and MNCR Logistics. It has a link inviting ARMYs to track their shipment. And then they have since shared another link again, offering a free shipping coupon this time. But are the theories correct that this is an anniversary project for HYYH?

To be honest, I have no idea what’s exactly happening yet. I’m checking X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok for updates and how other ARMYs are decoding this. I just know that V dropped a spoiler about this last December 2021.

But what is MNCR Logistics, and why you should place an order?

If you log in with the password “ETERNAL YOUTH,” you are given shipping information and access to content. When you type BTS members’ birthdays, BTS debut date, and ARMYs’ birthdays in the invoice section, emojis representing each members will appear floating around.

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And I am still confused what’s happening. But I am enjoying the hints and decoding. It’s because when you successfully log in, you can access some content, such as an inspection video and images of the BTS members.

bts mncr logistics

A location for shipping is also given. ARMYs realized it’s the location of the PERMISSION TO DANCE Pop-Up in 2021. The delivery date is the same day PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE was announced.

Additionally, ARMYs realized that the delivery date has something in common with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) era. Remember the blue container? While the delivery date is “2021-09-28,” the blue container read, “20219.”

These amazing ARMYs that are decoding the MNCR Logistics believe that these are teasers for the anniversary project of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) album series. It will be the 10th anniversary next year. It’s one of the group’s most iconic eras, as it also started the BTS Universe. Previously, Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Hitman Bang or Bang PD) confirmed that there would be an anniversary project.

While some eagle-eyed ARMYs also noticed changes being made online. Some Run BTS! thumbnails now have monochrome covers.

Additionally, new social media accounts have surfaced. @7fictionation and @7fn_characters have attracted ARMYs’ attention, although the first is public while the second is not. They both appear to be connected to BTS due to their followings and content posted.

@7fictionation already shared a video, and ARMYs noticed multiple connections to BTS’s past content. For example, “I Need U” was heard, and the splash was much like the one V made in “RUN” MV. And @7fictionation has also hosted a Station Head Party, streaming BTS’s music. Today’s was called “D-7.

And while I am writing this article, something like real-time tracking of parcels has started. Some think it’s new music, some say it might be a new album. It seems to be that MONOCHROME could be the title of the project based on the shipping info given. But whatever it is, one thing is for sure, we are all excited to know what it is. We just have to wait for another teaser drop.


There will be a BTS Pop-Up: MONOCHROME. Global schedule are:

  • SEOUL: 04/26 – 05/12
  • TOKYO: 05/03 – 05/26
  • JAKARTA: 05/09 – 06/23
  • BANGKOK: 05/10 – 06/23
  • LA: 05/16 – 05/27
  • MANILA: 05/24 – 06/30
bts pop up monochrome

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