Where to Buy Manga Books in the Philippines?

Manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. They were popular in the Philippines around the 2000s, but recently Gen Zs have been collecting them. When we thought that reading physical books was dead, it is interesting to see the rise of BookTok is making young people collect actual books, not just e-readers like Kindle. Below is the list of stores where to buy manga books in the Philippines.

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Where to buy Manga books?

1. FULLY BOOKED – Among the stores in this list, Fully Booked has the most stocks, especially the latest manga releases. You can also find huge selections of Western comics here too like DC and Marvel. They have branches in several malls and an online webshop, but I prefer shopping in their Lazada store because of the app’s discounts during pay day and sales like 5.5.

2. NUKKURI – I discovered this store from fellow manga collectors. You can buy not just manga books, but also other merch related to mangas.

3. NATIONAL BOOKSTORE – Around the early 2010s, National Bookstore started getting competitive in the Japanese Manga and Comics section too. I prefer shopping online than in their stores in the malls because they have a better selection online.

3. KINDLE – This is the biggest bookstore in the world. If I cannot find any physical books, I just buy them on Kindle and read them on my Apple iPad Mini 6. But others prefer the Kindle eBook reader.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for updates when I discover new stores where to buy manga books in the Philippines.

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