Where to buy Kpop Albums & Other Merch in the Philippines?

where to buy kpop albums in the philippines
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Buying an album is one of the many ways you can support your favorite kpop groups. Some fans collect them or buy them for the photocards. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent online sellers scamming fans of their hard-earned money. So I made this list of where to buy Kpop albums in the Philippines, including other merch such as lightsticks, and official plushies, to prevent Filipino fans from getting scammed.

Easily accessible Kpop shops:

1. KPOP MERCH – This is a well-known shop based in South Korea and is available both in Shopee and Lazada (I check both pages to compare which one has better discounts). This is my go-to shop for new drops of all my favorite groups. Your album purchases here will count in the Hanteo charts. They sell light sticks, albums, plush dolls, shirts, and other merch of different idol groups. Sometimes they even host album sales where you can win signed albums or fancalls.

2. ALING CHULIEN KPOP STORE – This is the most famous K-pop shop in the Philippines. They started in X (formerly Twitter), then opened their Shopee page, and now have their e-commerce website. They also sell albums, light sticks, plush dolls, shirts, and magazines, but they also sell photo cards including POBs and lucky draws from different stores from Korea to China.

3. CNA PHILIPPINES – Also available both in Shopee and Lazada, this shop is based in the Philippines. They sell albums and lightsticks but since last year, I noticed they started selling other official Kpop merch and Dicon magazines too. They even have pre-orders now.

4. N.CAT – Another store based in the Philippines, available in Shopee and Lazada, but they also have physical stores around the country. They used to be a Korean fashion store in the early 2010s, but now they also sell Kpop albums and lightsticks.

5. WITHMUU – Based in South Korea, all album purchases here will be counted in the Hanteo and Circles charts. They sell albums and light sticks, but unlike other shops here, they have their exclusive POBs.

6. BUSAN DEPART – My go-to shop for Kpop pop-ups and concert merch, since they don’t usually have pop-ups in the Philippines, and when they do the items are limited. Besides that, albums and lightsticks, they also sell POBs, lucky draw cards, and magazines.

7. SIX K SHOP – Another Korean-based shop that also sells pop-up and concert merch. This is also the shop where I can find light sticks from groups that other shops don’t often sell. They also sell new albums with POBs from different shops.

8. KPOP FEVER – They also sell pop-up and concert merch from many groups. And most prices I see here are usually a little lower than other shops.

9. JOAHAEYO – This is where I bought my Stray Kids Rock Star album with Music Korea POB. They’re based in the Philippines and have a physical store in Pampanga. Like most Kpop stores in the Philippines, you can buy photo cards from them and other merch.

10. HEY MARKET – They don’t sell albums or light sticks, but they sell Korean fashion items seen used or promoted by idols and collab merch like Spao shirts and pajamas. This is where I bought my NCT x Sanrio t-shirt and Line x Coller items.

Online Kpop Stores:

1. KTWON4U – This is one of the most popular Kpop stores worldwide, this is where I bought my first Dicon magazine. They also sell albums and lightsticks, season’s greetings, and more from different Kpop agencies. They also have exclusive preorder benefits.

2. WEVERSE – This is the app store where you can buy all the official albums, lightsticks, and other merchandise of all Kpop groups in HYBE, YG, and SM Entertainment. They ship to the Philippines via DHL and it costs at least $36 now (got more expensive since the lockdown), and if you add more items to your order the shipping fee increases.

But if you have other orders and you want to combine them for a more affordable shipping fee, try my guide here on how to order in Weverse and ship it to the Philippines. Or find a Korean address rental. I recommend Aling Noona and UGH Purple Shop.

3. THE JYP SHOP – You can buy all merch of every JYP group here. They ship to the Philippines and it costs around $20+. Unfortunately, they use local courier so your orders will go through PhilPost which takes too long to ship, they’re giving me anxiety. If I’m going to wait long anyway, I’ll just order from Apricot & Co. PH, my go-to Twitter shop for Stray Kids official and fanmade merch. But if I’m impatient, I’ll go to Kpop Merch or Busan Depart stores mentioned above.

These are all the shops where to buy Kpop albums in the Philippines. In my experience, they are safe and have smooth transactions. If I find more, I’ll update this list.