How to Sign Up for the Stray Kids Fan Club?

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There are many benefits to joining a kpop fan club. Members get early access to concert tickets and other events related to the artists. They may also get exclusive access to events like fan meetings, exclusive content, and merch. Below is a guide on how to sign up for the Stray Kids fan club.

This guide is from my personal experience of signing up for the Stray Kids Official Fan Club Stay 4th Generation membership.

how to sign up for the stray kids fan club

Unlike with Weverse where you can sign up in fan clubs anytime you want, Stray Kids fan club membership sign-up only opens once a year for 15 days. If you missed it, you have to wait for a year again.

In the past, the recruitment opened around November or December (as far as I know, I wasn’t a STAY back then), but this 2024 they opened it in January. So if you’re reading this now, sorry it’s already over but hope this will be a guide for the next one. And I believe it’s the same process with other JYP artists too.

How to sign up for the Stray Kids Stay Fan Club membership?

1. Create an account at

If you are using, you should sign up with the same email address as the site for more benefits. It is better to access the website through a laptop or desktop because it works better and is easier to use there than on smartphones.

Take note that the concept of a ‘middle name’ is not followed in South Korea. So for non-Korean citizens, you must put your Middle Name as part of your First Name. If you’re going to attend a concert or fan meeting in South Korea, the name in your passport must match the name in your membership or you will not be able to claim your ticket. Unfortunately, you cannot edit your name once you completed your fan club registration.

2. Book your membership

Once you signed up to, scroll down til you see the Stray Kids Official Stay Fan Club. In there, you will see the date when you can apply, the price of the membership which is KRW 35000, and other details. Click “booking” to proceed.

how to sign up for the stray kids fan club

And since is a ticketing site, you will be redirected to select a date like you’re purchasing a concert ticket on Step 1. Don’t mind it, just click whatever day and time is available. Then on step 2 the seat map, select 1 on the drop-down in the “Join Fanclub” area.

how to sign up for the stray kids fan club

On step 3 discount, just click next to proceed with your shipping address and payment.

how to sign up for the stray kids fan club step 3

3. Fill up the delivery

In step 4 of the process, you are required to fill in your delivery address for the shipping of your membership kit which includes your membership ID and merch like photo cards.

Overseas shipping fees are expensive. More expensive than the membership. Shipping to the Philippines is KRW 53000 which makes the total KRW 88000 or around PHP 37000.

stray kids stay fan club membership price

4. Payment

There are many payment options but for overseas fans, you can pay through PayPal or credit card. (If you’re from the Philippines, Gcash and PayMaya Visa debit card works too).

To pay using overseas cards, click “other card” and there you can choose Mastercard, Visa, etc.

stray kids stay fan club membership payment

After entering your card details, just click next until you see the notice “Thank you. Your payment has been successfully processed.” with your booking number that starts with a letter and 10 numbers.

In there, you can see the cancelation period. Take note, you cannot cancel your membership once you paid even though there’s a cancelation period indicated on the screen. And again, you can no longer edit your details.

stray kids stay fan club membership payment

How to sign up for the FANS app using your STAY Membership?

One of the benefits of joining the Stray Kids STAY Fan Club is you will have access to the paid content of the new FANS app. This is the replacement for the Bubble Community (Bubble Messaging is still available but different payment).

how to sign up to jyp fans app
  1. To get access to the FANS app, first, you must download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Once you download, open the app and choose “Stray Kids”
  3. After signing up for the Stray Kids community, go to the profile on the upper right side. And then click settings and then “Memberships”. In there type your whole name in all caps, like the one shown in your Yes24 confirmation. For the membership number, it is your Booking/Purchase Number from Yes24 as well.

But take note of the verification period before signing up. You can successfully register your membership in the FANS app at 1 PM the next day. For example, you signed up for STAY membership on January 15, verification will be available on January 16 at 1 PM.

That’s it. This is my guide on how to sign up for the Stray Kids fan club and get access to the paid content of the JYP FANS app.